The Perfect Glow Sunless White Label Program

Learn how our exclusive White Label program can help you skyrocket your sunless brand awareness and boost your business.






Expand your brand’s success with Perfect Glow White Labeling!

Our exclusive White Labeling Program allows you to put YOUR brand’s labels on OUR 5-star, superior products.

This is NOT your typical “white labeling” – with our low-minimum program, we’re helping you put your custom-designed labels onto the Perfect Glow Sunless products you already know, use and love everyday!

How? EASY! You’ll purchase a proven existing stock product from Perfect Glow and resell it under your company’s branding with a custom label. Same ingredients, same results. You cannot make  any changes to the formulas, ingredients, or packaging.





Why Choose Perfect Glow Sunless?

It’s simple: Not only do you get unmatched performance from our products, but you get the direct support from the Perfect Glow team to help your business grow! We’ll be your right-hand glow squad that will be there every step of the way to help you succeed.

Plus, you get an entire private community of seasoned spray tan pros who rally together to help answer questions, solve client issues, provide inspo photos, and support one another.

Your Brand, Our Formulas.

FACT – the typical product manufacturing process can be lengthy, expensive, and time-consuming. Many other private/white label programs require very high minimums for products that lack the quality and results of their hero products.

Selling Perfect Glow aftercare has already been great for business, but  now our NEW program allows you to sell our superior sunless products under your OWN brand name to your customers, ensuring they come back to YOU for direct repurchase.

You grow your brand and profit margins – it’s a win-win.

Our winning formulas + your loved salon, spa or spray tan brand = a new cult favorite for your customers!




 FAQs about the White Label Program


What is White Labeling vs. Private Labeling?

Private Labeling means you are creating your own product or making changes to an existing formula and putting your brand/logo/label on an unknown product created by another company or manufacturer. Typically, manufacturers will require large minimums for “private label” products (Sometimes 500 + unit minimums) which are different in formulation and ingredients from their stock hero products.

White Labeling means you are putting your brand/logo/label on our existing well-known and loved products – such as our Luxury grade tanning mousses, lotions and tan extenders. These products are exactly the same in terms of formulation, ingredients, and packaging as you would get off our shelves – but you get to put your own custom spin on the labeling and resell them as your OWN brand. Unlike us, many other companies that offer this service still require a high minimum requirement.


What are the minimum orders for the PG White Label program?

We offer one of the lowest minimums in the industry, starting at only 50 bottles per order (Per product)


What products can I white label:

Our Luxury Professional Spray Tan formulas

Our  Luxury self tanning mousse products

Body Lotion

Tan Extender

Gradual Tanner 

What is the pricing for the white label products? 

Please contact for pricing.

You can choose to White Label 1 product or all of them, The choice is yours!

Pricing PER BOTTLE does not include shipping (that is a separate charge determined on the order volume and your shipping address)


Can I mix and match products to make up the minimum quantity?

No. The minimums are 50 bottles per product. 


Why should I choose Perfect Glow White Labeling for my business?

If you’re already using our tried-and-true products, why not keep the same proven results for your customers under your OWN brand? Our products are backed by thousands of beauty professionals, hundreds of 5-star reviews, years of testing, quality formulations, and top-of-the-line ingredients.

To be able to put your name on our products gives you the confidence that what you sell will truly WOW your customer and have them coming back for more! You’ll improve your revenue by offering exclusive branded retail and grow your brand awareness.

Plus, unlike other companies that make you apply the labels to each bottle on your own (which can be difficult and time consuming), we provide that service for you as part of the cost. And with our marketing experience we share our creative opinions to make sure your label looks amazing . Unlike other companies, when you choose Perfect Glow Sunless you also get the support of our founder herself, Melissa Weinberg, and the entire PG family to help ensure your success in retailing your products.

How do I start?

You would need to pay the deposit and review the white label contract prior to starting the program. Until that is done you can not become a white label client.

Am I able to change any of the ingredients or the packaging of the products?

No you cannot. Any of the ingredients, formulations, scents and packaging cannot be changed or modified in any way. The only thing that will be changed is that now your product label will be on bottles(s). **Please note that on the lotions the scent can be subject to change at anytime at the discretion of Perfect Glow Sunless. 


Will Perfect Glow provide or help me print new labels for the products I order?

You will be solely responsible for the full cost of designing and purchasing your own labels. However we will be happy assist you in the creative process by reviewing your label and giving feedback once you choose your own graphic designer to ensure your branding will WOW your customers. 


How do I go about purchasing and printing my own labels? Where do I start

Once you sign up for the White Label program we will then provide you with the label templates and specifics for you to provide to your graphic designer for them to design the label properly. You are responsible for finding a label printing company, getting price quotes, approving your press proof , paying for the labels and making sure the labels are done with the specifics we provide to you. Once we approve the label design & proof from the printer, you will then send us the labels (at your cost) for us to apply to your product before it is shipped out to you. (We will hold on to the labels for you during the time you are doing the white label program)


Can you order the labels for me?

Yes that is absolutely an option! We understand that this process can be very time consuming and with your busy schedule you might feel overwhelmed. So we can take care of the label set up process for you for a one time charge of $249.00 (PLEASE NOTE. This charge does NOT include label “design” services. You are responsible for that. This charge is just to order the labels once you have approved your own artwork)

For this charge we will do the following for you:


Can I apply my own labels?

No, due to state laws we cannot ship out any products unlabeled.

What is my investment?

That will be determined on the product/quantities you will be ordering. You will be responsible for the cost of a graphic designer to design your artwork and the cost of purchasing your product labels. We have companies we can recommend and assist you with the process once you sign up for the program.

There is no charge to discuss the program, however, we want to work with those serious about investing in their success. So due to the time involved to get you set up on the program we will require a $400 non refundable deposit once you commit to proceed ahead with the white label process. That deposit will be applied towards your first order as a credit as long as it is placed within 120 days after you start the program. If you do not place an order in that time frame then we will keep that deposit to compensate us for the time we have spent working with you. We will be happy to explain everything in detail on your free consultation call. 


What is the turn time to get my order?

Orders will not ship until we receive your product labels. We try to process all orders as quick as possible depending on stock level but please allow up to 2/3 weeks for processing.  We cannot guarantee any manufacturing or shipping delays beyond our control.


Who qualifies for the program

This program is offered to all spray tan and beauty professionals, spas, salons, estheticians, med spas, dermatology/medical offices & boutiques. You business will be verified before you will be able to proceed with the program.


Great! How do I get started?

For more info, or to talk to one of our representatives about becoming a White Label Program partner and how we can help you grow your business, please send an email inquiry to