How to use a rapid spray tan solution


Perfect Glow Sunless offers 5 rapid tans that salons all around the globe have voted the best spray tan solution on the market. They are paraben free, made from natural ingredients and pull dark color compared to other brands.

Rapid tans are becoming huge in popularity in salons all around the world. People are busy these days (more than ever) & love the convenience of having things done quick & easy without a long wait! So to be able to bring that to the spray tanning industry is a huge benefit. With this fantastic solution the client only has to leave the solution on for just 1-4 hours compared to 7-10 hours. So their are huge benefits to using a rapid tan product.

One of them is that clients do not have to sleep in spray tan solution if getting tanned in the evening. No more feeling uncomfortable for new tanners. They can even sleep on white sheets after rinsing as it wont stain the bedding! Another benefit is that with this premium solution a client can get a tan that morning or early in the day and can rinse in just a few hours. This is a perfect option for moms, business people, or anyone that just wants to be comfortable doing their daily chores or have appointments to attend to. It is especially popular for dancers or athletes that want a tan and have to work out or go to practice that day. This product makes it virtually effortless for anyone to fit a spray tan into their busy schedule.

I get asked by many salons on how they should spray the rapid tans and how they work. Here are my recommendations and some important tips on how to use a rapid spray tan solution :

Spray these blends the same way you do the others as far as the gun setting is concerned . If you are just switching to Perfect Glow Sunless please keep in mind that this is a thinner / water based solution . If you experience any beading or dripping during application that means your gun setting is too high and needs to be adjusted

This is a rinse off gage to advise your client to start off with

1 hour -6%
2 hours 8%
3 hours 10%-
3.5 hours -11%
4 hours -12% -13%

All techs spray differently with various equipment resulting in a different application. So those times may be a little lighter or darker than what I am recommending. But you will know for sure and can tweak it after spraying a few people but I recommend use this guide to start off with.

With the rapid tan products it’s very important to advise your client the following :

1) The rinse off time that is recommended to them is not optional ! If they rinse off sooner it will result in a lighter tan and if they wait too long or forget they risk turning unnatural or too dark for their skin tone.

2) Just like with the regular tan they can’t sweat or get wet until they rinse.

3) They must do a water only rinse when they shower off . NO soaps, perfumes, body sprays, oils or lotions or shaving until the next day as the tan will still be processing.

It’s VERY important to educate the client on how this product works . Please advise your client that some might not have much color after the initial rinse (as the full tan takes 8-10 hours to fully develop ) so to not be nervous and think the tan didn’t take. They should be patient as over the next few hours their gorgeous tan will appear. This is especially important if they are getting it for a same day event ! Advise them that they will have their tan in the 8-10 hours but the color can continue to develop over a 24 hours period. Some clients even say they are a little darker on day 2.

Once they rinse off they can wear whatever they want and it’s ok to sweat or get wet.

I find that with sessions being so quick, even if you explain everything to the client sometimes there is too much information for them to absorb and remember. I highly recommend salons providing a printout or client card with rapid tan instructions and rinse off time indicated to give the client to take home with them. This way they can refresh themselves with all the information at their leisure and to ensure that nothing is forgotten. I also have the client set the timer or alarm on their smart phone prior to leaving the salon. This way its an added measure to ensure that they rinse off at their recommended time and can’t forget.


Your clients are going to love these rapid solutions & Happy Tanning
xo Melissa
Perfect Glow Sunless