Tips for selling spray tan aftercare



We all want our clients to use the right products that extend the life of the tan. It doesn’t make sense for them to go to the store to pick up body lotion, body wash or tan extender, when you already carry great products. So make it easy for them and be a one stop shop for everything they need. Keeping your spray tan aftercare  display shelves neat, clean and stocked with the right aftercare is crucial. Merchandising is a key element and people are very visual. If your products are out of reach, cluttered, dirty or not displayed well it effects the consumers decision to purchase from you.

So already you have this going in the right direction. You have a client and you just customized a tan for their entire body and they trust your opinion. Believe me they do or they would not be standing (naked in many cases) in front of you. You are providing a service, so why not go all the way? As professionals we have nothing to lose but the responsibility to provide the client with all the necessary tools to get the most out of your service. And as a customer what a huge convenience it is for them to be able to get everything they need at once.

But I know that many professionals struggle selling retail. Maybe they are intimated, do not feel it’s necessary or just lack the confidence to close the sale. This particular scenario I am about to list is unfortunately all too common:

A salon has great quality aftercare sitting on the shelves. But the customer asks them what they can recommend that is cheaper for them in the drug store. (And salons wanting to be nice, or feel bad not giving an alternative) do not know what to say so they suggest something that they can pick up over the counter.

If you are going to do that do not even waste time stocking retail. Think about it. Why would the customer want to buy your products if you suggest something else? Would a big brand makeup counter in the mall sell an eye shadow palette but then recommend a cheaper drug store makeup remover? Of course not.

But first and foremost as with anything in sales, you must believe 100% in the products that you are selling. Do not just carry a brand because it might be the “cheaper option”. You get what you pay for. And let me just add, do not sell your clients a product just because it has a pretty package or nice smell. The product has to benefit the client’s sunless tan, work well with it and you have to believe in it. I cannot stress that enough!

Clients can tell right off the bat if you believe in a product by the way you talk about it. Having confidence in the products you stock absolutely shows. It took me years and years of trying to find the one product line that I absolutely love (it was by far exhausting)! SO I totally get it what you might be going through. I am a huge fan of Melissa Weinberg Tanning & Beauty® and personally use it daily. The lotion is in my purse at all times. The mousse is in the bathroom (at eye level) for my self-application when I am not airbrushed, the gradual tanner is my go to after swimming (I live in south Florida, so swimming is necessary 😉


Explaining its benefits with enthusiasm and recommended usage is an absolute must. I discuss aftercare at the same time that I review post tan care with my clients. This is where confidence comes into play. You HAVE to be confident in your product, this is not an option. If you are not then keep trying product lines until you get there (I promise it will happen)

Be knowledgeable on the products, ingredients and the target customer. You should also be able to answer questions correctly such as:

  • Is it paraben free?
  • How to use it
  • Are there any ingredients in there that they might be allergic to?
  • Is it organic based?
  • Is it tested on animals?
  • Is it vegan?
  • Is it gluten free?
  • What is the shelf life?

Here’s the thing.. when a product is that good it sells itself after the client tries it for the first time.  Your product should be moving off the shelf with each client. Regulars should be restocking their faves every few weeks. Many of my clients who are on a recommended aftercare routine wished that they listened to me sooner. That is because now since they use my aftercare they are actually saving money in the long run. A longer lasting tan is helping them to not have to come every week or week and a half and having to pay for a full airbrush tanning session. Now they purchase full size bottles because they finally see how the right products can extend their tan.

I personally help my clients choose what is best for them. Sometimes they cannot afford to buy everything at once (or certain products might not be good for them, for example I will not sell a tan extender to a fair red head, so a great lotion and body wash would be the best choice for them.) So it is not just about making a sale but the right kind of sale. No one wants to waste money on stuff that is not going to be beneficial. So ask them what products they use at home and go from there. Remember stress the benefits of what you are selling.

So what are some key things that you can you do to help & get more confident?

  • Role play. I know it will seem silly at first but role play with your employees. if it is just you do it with a friend or spouse. Practice makes perfect!
  • Use the products yourself. Nothing is more genuine then selling a product that you love and use daily
  • If you are a mobile tanner, take some products with you and display them on the floor next to your machine so the client can see them as you are spraying them.

Here are some sales tips/examples to try and you can see the difference in the approach:

Example 1- Customer asks if they can use any soap after the tan.  

Approach # 1- As long as it is natural. Did you want to buy our body wash?

Approach #2; No, you need to refrain from using commercial soaps. They can strip your tan and make it blotchy. Our everyday body wash is absolutely amazing & made to be used with a spray tan. It is free of SLS, parabens and drying alcohols. Another great thing is that you can also use it to shave. It smells so refreshing, here see how good it smells? Plus you can use it even when you don’t have a spray tan.

Approach #1 is just asking a question without explaining the benefits & shoes no enthusiasm. Most times in that case the customer will say no as they are not being shown the value.

Example 2- Customer asks what body lotion they can use & for a good cheap one that they can pick up at the drugstore. 

Approach #1- Well we sell one that is good, but um you can also pick up XX at CVS that might be a little cheaper for you. They are both fine.

Approach #2- I do not recommend any drug store product. If I did I would be carrying them instead. I recommend these products as they are the best out there that I have personally tested to work with your sunless tan. I know they are a little more expensive then what you normally use, but the quality is superior. Plus, it will last longer as it is very hydrating and a little goes a long way. So you don’t have to apply a lot to get great results. Plus you can use this every day even when you don’t tan!

See the difference?

Enthusiastically I explain about the products, grab a beautiful retail bag, drop my biz card in it and grab the products that will benefit my client. And of course grab that appointment book and get them booked for their next apt (but that’s for another blog)

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Susan Brand is a Senior sales account manager and sunless educator for Perfect Glow Sunless™ She loves all things tanning and beauty. She is also the owner/operator of Healthy Glow Airbrush Tanning based in the Treasure Coast of Florida.