Some reviews for our best spray tan solutions

Melissa, Thank you so much for your outstanding customer service over the last couple of years! Your solutions are the best! My clients here in Texas just love that it doesn’t leave them orange, sticky and smelly!! I have used Perfect Glow Sunless products and solutions the last two years and have had nothing but positive feedback from my customers! Thanks again! Bronzed Bodyz Spray

Bronzed Bodyz Spray Tanning

Salty But Sweet Sunless

The color of the Cocoa rapid turned out amazing! I am actually in shock over this color. I started doing spray tans a few years ago and was never happy with the color development after rinse off with some of the best brands, so I was really discouraged. Since I have decided to start again I’ve been testing out lots of different brands. Seriously this is the BEST I have used! Also, I seriously over sprayed one leg because I am used to having to apply 4 oz per tan on ONE person just to get decent color payoff. Nut I was able to use such a small fraction of your product for crazy good results!

Dollhouse Tans

We tried all the samples and we are in love with perfect glow! I ordered the full size solutions and we are making the switch to using only perfect glow.I thought the solution sprayed better, smelled better and gave better immediate results than what I have used in the past. We are very happy with how the colors developed too.

Thank you so much! I used Cocoa Rapid on a client for the first time the other night and she is SOOO in love with her color! Thank ya’ll so much!

Bronze Touch

Tans by Lindz

“I have started transitioning my clients over to Perfect Glow and those who I have sprayed recently have raved over the color and drying time! The overall happiness with client response has just skyrocketed! The cocktail blend is a beautiful color and as a spray tan artist – I will be using it on myself as well!”


I am loving these products! I’ve sold out of the mousse (all the girls in my salon who have no time to spray). My clients are raving about how there is no smell, it’s not sticky, and of course the amazing color.

Thank you!



Cocoa Rapid is hands down the best rapid solution I have ever used! Quick drying, pulls AMAZING color and my clients couldn’t be happier. Thank you Melissa for such genuine service and products. Entitled Beauty Co is forever a fan.

Entitled Beauty

I bought my first bottle of the Rapid Cocktail and my clientele has really increased! Everyone loves it. Y’all shipped my last order to me right away and thank you for that!

Brittany Dozier Spray Tanning

Golden Glow NC

I’m a licensed esthetician in Colorado. I have been spray tanning for four years. I was using another brand that wasn’t giving me the results I was looking for. Also EVERYONE else in town was using the same brand. I wanted to bring the best spray tan to my clients. I found an amazing first class spray tan with Perfect Glow Sunless. I love the Rapid Cocktail and the Dark Chocolate. Both of theses colors are so universal! I also like that you can purchase different percentages of DHA to customize colors for your clients. Another plus is how good they smell. I’m hooked on these products!


Melissa, I just want to personally and professionally give you shout out for all you do “and then some”. I’ve been a loyal customer for years and will be with you to the end. You were the ONLY one that would help me when I first started my business. No other spray tan company would offer experience and wisdom. Because of you, I got started on building my dream. Fast forward 4 years….I’ve been able to share your dream ….. the BEST solutions to the Washington Redskins Cheerleaders, Carolina Panthers Cheerleaders (and Super Bowl), several college dance teams, thousands of private clients, 3 new locations and our new Miss America contestant, Miss Virginia , and more on the way!!

Thank you for being more than a distributor….you are a top notch business mentor as well as a great coach (sharing marketing material and knowledge).
You are the BEST for supporting my dream and sticking with my company for the past several years and a lot more to come!!

Michelle Walters-Island Glow

The Bronzed Beauty Bar

Since switching to the Perfect Glow Sunless solution line I’ve had nothing but compliments from my clients-old and new!

• They love the color – it’s so natural that it’s a real surprise when my clients tell people they’re wearing a faux tan.
• My clients and myself love that it isn’t sticky and doesn’t smell! The dry time is almost instant.
• The fade off is beautiful, it’s not patchy at all.
• My favorite PG product is the Rapid Self Tanning Mousse-the fact that I can customize my color and rinse off so quickly or wear on the fly as is without rinsing for a deeper tan is a wonderful thing.

Thank you for creating such a wonderful line of sunless solution with amazing ingredients and a stellar support team behind it!

Danielle Bardsley

Melissa and her team are absolutely fantastic. They are very friendly and handle themselves with upmost professionalism. I loved the course and product knowledge. It was very helpful. My favorite part was the demo and being able to watch different techniques up front and center. I was able to spray a model and get critiqued which was awesome because I personally love feedback. I learned new things like heated tan and contour that I didn’t know at all prior and I’m really excited to practice those specifically to be able to offer as a service! I definitely recommend this training!

Mariana - Endless Glow by Lola

Sunbunny Spray Tans

I just started using Perfect Glow in July on myself and clients. I absolutely LOVE the colors….. highly recommend. I used Rapid for the first time on myself and it was amazing for vacation. I also loved the option of samples to try on my client’s before I bought. Can’t wait to try the aftercare products.

Shannon Sorensen

“Well my dear just another testament to your hard work and quality of your airbrush tanning solution. I have held off ordering because I have a bunch of another product I was trying to use up, but I decided to use some of your samples on a couple clients this week. OMG! They are having a fit over it, and it goes on so smooth I loved spraying them. So far I had only sprayed myself. And I love your gradual fade, my sister is commenting to me also who sprays how much she loves the fade. So I will be ordering sooner than later now because my clients and myself are head over heals for Perfect Glow! Thank you again for such an awesome solution!!


This is my go to color! I use this on every skin type! Being in Southern California all my clients love to be DARK so I use the 12% blend and the color is absolutely beautiful!

Brittany Xpert Spray Tanning

5 stars! After searching for months for a new solution, I decided on perfect glow. The color is so natural, it’s still organic, and to be able to carry 1 or 2 colors with me instead of 3 or more is awesome (I’m 100% mobile). Melissa is so sweet and helpful and I’m really happy to be supporting another female owned company!

Sarah Ingram

I can’t get over how impressed I am with everything Perfect Glow has to offer! All of my clients rave about how wonderful the solution feels, no stick, no smell and it dries super quick. I own pretty much every solution at this point, cocoa beach, cocktail, and dark chocolate are all absolutely stunning on literally every skin tone. I’ve yet to try a solution that looks bad on someone. The rapids are also top notch quality and my clients love that they can rinse after a few hours and still go to the gym the same day they get a tan. Unbelievable products that I highly recommend!

Jackie R

I am salon owner. I have owned a tanning salon and hair salon. I have tried many different products both personally and professionally. I haven’t found one that performs as this one does. The application is easy for people who have never done it and it is appreciated by people who are pros at self tanner. It fits the bill for both. The color is realistic, the application a breeze and the price point for resale is competitive. Do yourself a favor, sell it in your salon.

Karen- The Hair Doctor

I’ve been meaning to write this review for awhile now. I just have to say after spending a weekend at the Perfect Glow Academy watching, listening and participating with Melissa and supporting cast, it was one of the best learning experiences I’ve ever had! I’ve been to other so called spray tanning classes and Perfect Glow blows all the other competition away! The other place just wanted to get your money, hand you your certificate, spent literally five minutes with you spraying one individual, then you were on your own! Perfect Glow Academy spent two days explaining everything about the spray tan business following a full day of hands on experience, definitely preparing you for your new career! Whether you are a seasoned spray tan artist or just starting out, I highly recommend the Perfect Glow Academy!


Cocoa Rapid blend is truly amazing. Melissa has definitely raised the bar for rapid solutions with this blend. The caramel brown color produced by this blend is so natural and radiant. I am proud to say I was the first to order this blend from Perfect Glow Sunless and I will continue to order this product over and over again

Monique Nastari, Bronzology Airbrush Tanning

I just wanted to give a 5⭐ shout out to Melissa about the Facebook Brand Ambassador video.

I have a few girls that I sponsor for pageants but I’ve wanted to move into a brand ambassador. I just didn’t know exactly how, what to do paperwork wise, etc. I always see her ambassadors on her Instagram and they MAKE you want to buy her product!!

Thanks so much for giving me the confidence to move forward with my business and having the confidence to know my worth.



I have worked in the Airbrush tanning business since 2004. As you can imagine, I have used nearly every product out there. I have never had a product that worked better for me or my customers than Perfect Glow Sunless. I was honestly shocked at the lack of after tan odor and that there was NO stickiness! I have used others with the same claims but this product did NOT lie! There is basically no odor, and dries without the sticky after effects. There is no way I would offer anything less to my customers after finding this product. it has me and my clients spoiled. Thank you so much.

Lesley- Sun on the Run

This review is long overdue, but I just wanted to say how much I love the Rapid Tan! First let me say, I have been self-tanning since the eighth grade during the orange neutrogena self-tanner days (about 22 years?). I have tried countless self tanning products… St. Tropez, Sjolie, Bronze Biologique, Million Dollar Tan, Sun, Norvell, Fake Bake….etc. I have an airbrush machine, and have tanned others in the past, but I really just use it for myself now. I recommended it to my sister-in-law for her tanning business because it was unlike any tanning product I have ever used. Not smelly, orange, or sticky. Very long lasting, in fact the longest lasting that I’ve tried. People at work thought I went away or went to a tanning bed. Nice brown color, no orange. The darkest I’ve ever gotten with a self-tanner. (For reference, my skin color is similar to Megan Fox when she is pale). Not streaky either. It has a more of a violet base which attribute to it not being yellow or orange on the skin once developed. I exfoliated really well and apply lotion to elbows, ankles etc. Results were amazing and the sample lasted me a while! Will definitely repurchase!!

Theresa Zentmeyer

“Getting my glow on with @glowmondy for Miami. The products he uses by Perfect Glow Sunless & @mwtanningbeauty is the absolute best stuff that anyone has EVER used on me! You all need to try this stuff & they have a full line of self tanning & body care products that you can use at home. No smell, no orange and not sticky!”

Dolores Catania

I just sprayed 4 people with 12% Perfect Glow– LIQUID GOLD my friends!!!! Just placed an order today. LOVE THIS SOLUTION! I’m on day 4 and color is just as great as day one with no fade what so ever. Extremely natural too! Feedback from my clients has been AMAZING!”


Thank you for creating the BEST products!! I couldn’t belive everything I bought was sold out in 2 days!! and the bottle of cocoa solution I got I was down to half left in 2 days!!

I’m so excited to buy more. By the way I must say your body lotion is the BEST lotion I have ever used in my life!! I have eczema on the bottom part of my one leg and always felt embarrassed. After 5 days of using your body lotion 2 times a day I noticed it was 95% gone AND by day 7 it was 99% gone


I’m getting ready to order more rapid tan soon. This solution is unbelievably unbelievable ? I have even gone in the pool with it on 2 days after spraying it (with sunscreen for an hour and a half) and not a problem at all. Nothing but awesome brown color!

Beach Bum Mobile Tan

I love ALL things Perfect Glow – the product, the people, and the education. I was lucky enough to be able to attend the first Business Building Workshop in Orlando put on by Melissa and the Perfect Glow team. I am not yet an established spray tan artist (working on my research/education/skills) – I am however a licensed cosmetologist and esthetician who has been involved with many professional beauty companies as well as many training courses over the past 10 years. My love is for skin care and makeup.

I found Melissa online and have been using Perfect Glow product for many months now. The product itself was where I first discovered my love for this company – it is TRULY high quality. All of the self tanners and aftercare are beautiful colors, beautiful consistencies and application, and either odorless or, like in the case of the body lotion, DELICIOUS smelling. When I saw that Melissa was offering a training course for business building, I immediately enrolled. The workshop was amazing, and I met so many amazing friends and contacts at the event. I have truly never met a group of people in the beauty industry who are more willing to help one another and share in each other’s successes and talents. Melissa and her entire team is so kind and so knowledgeable.

They give real education, real tips, and so many useful bits of knowledge that are equally as beneficial to someone brand new like me AND to the seasoned spray tan artist who needs help on building business and clientele. I truly feel no need to search for another company for further training – I will absolutely be sticking with perfect glow as I navigate my way through my own spray tan journey. Thank you so much to Melissa, Susan, Rachel, Fabiola, and Michelle for putting together such an amazing training course! Looking forward to working with you all and seeing you at future sessions!


Hi Melissa,
I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how amazing your product is, your dark chocolate has become a client fave in my book. Your aftercare smells amazing and makes the perfect add-on to everyone’s session. Truly blessed to have found you & your company!

Ashley-Sol FX Sunless Tanning LLC

Hi Melissa. I really appreciate all of the help and tips you’ve given me! You have fantastic customer service and are always there to answer any questions I may have! I can honestly say that since carrying Perfect Glow back when you first started it.. My business has grown significantly! My clients here love the results they are getting from your products! Perfect Glow is exclusively the only brand I carry!

Happy Salon

First, I want to thank Melissa for being such an amazing mentor. She has taught me so much about the Sunless tanning industry, such as the science behind it, the business end, handling clients & how to troubleshoot tan issues with confidence etc..

She is very prompt with returning messages when I have questions. My business has improved tremendously since having her as my mentor! I would definitely recommend all spray tan technician’s use her serivces her if they want to learn every end of this business! She is such an inspiration and I will continue to use her as my sunless tanning mentor..

I am going to add one more thing, she has also made me realize how important it is for women to support other women in business. Her Facebook group has also increased my sunless tanning network and I have made friends through the group, I 100% recommend her for training and mentoring.

Jamie Sharpe

Hello Melissa!

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for your amazing service and products! I have been tanning professionally for several years in the Vegas area. Vegas clients are very choosy with their tanning product and expect the best luxury results available. A few months ago I started using Perfect Glow products on all my clients and they absolutely LOVE their results every time! It’s nice knowing that I can be confident in the product, the company & the woman behind them both! I’ve attached a review from one of my clients and I wanted to share with you as well because it’s the Perfect Glow product that consistently leaves my clients smiling! Thank you!

Melanie Star-A body bar tanning

I am so happy that I found Perfect Glow!!! I had been using another brand that was well known and it did the job. However, the more I used it the more I realized it wasn’t as great as I initially thought. My clients would feel tacky and the smell was very noticeable.

When I first used Perfect Glow I was amazed at how nice and even the solution distributed (as well as hardly any overspray!)

There was NO SMELL, and it dried very quickly and my clients weren’t tacky anymore!! I have purchased all 3 of the 8 hour solutions and cannot wait to keep expanding!! Thank you Perfect Glow for making us upstate NY girls have an amazing tan year round!! <3

Erin- SonaBella

Wanted to show off my client in his competition tan using Winning Glow! Out of all of the possible solutions out there I chose Melissa’s because I had a vision of what my client should look like and I knew winning glow was part of that vision. Thank you Melissa for creating one of the best solutions! my client is extremely happy and has said multiple times he’s never looked and felt so good ! #lovewhatyoudo

Allyssa Negron

Melissa is a wonderful mentor and someone I highly look up to. She is very kind and patient with helping you learn and better yourself in the sunless tanning industry. She motivates and encourages you to be better and shares her best advice and knowledge to help you be the best you can be. She is the sweetest as well which is important for me who can feel intimidated asking questions for fear of looking silly. I know Melissa will never make me feel that way and she only raises my confidence. With that knowledge & a kind personality you have the perfect package in choosing Melissa to train you for success!

Tristin Aquila

Did a little experimenting with both rapids. Rinsed in 4 hours and woke up with amazing color!! Most spray tan solutions are dark when applied and once rinsed it’s just that…rinsed. A lot of the color is rinsed away in the shower. But not with Perfect Glow!! Cocoa Rapid + Rapid mixture is EVERYTHING. I found my new favorite mixture!!

SOS Airbrush Tanning

I have found my favorite Rapid airbrush tanning solution!! I have used the both the Original Rapid and the 50/50 Rapid and like them equally. It sprays smooth and dries quick with no funky smell. It’s become my personal fave and love to be able to shower in just a few hours. I like that it continues to develop a bit after showering.

Looking forward to trying the regular solution as well.

Thanks so much!! I’m a fan.

Debbie- Siren Sunless mist

I can not wait for my order to arrive! I am in love with this brand as I have sensitive skin and it does not have any harsh scents. Melissa has the best customer service I have experienced since I started spray tanning. 100 stars!

Brady Primes

Hi Melissa, Just getting back to you about the airbrush tanning solution. I am absolutely in LOVE with it! Both my clients and I LOVE how they are actually completely dry after I spray them and there is NO sticky or tacky feeling. And the fact that it lasts longer, fades more evenly, and there is NO odor is amazing too!! I could go on & on. The color is just BEAUTIFUL! I’m ordering more right now. You definitely have my business & a regular who stands behind your brand 110% percent. Thank you for answering all my questions. I really appreciate all your help.

I definitely see a bright future for PERFECT GLOW :))

P.S…it was really nice to find an airbrush tanning solution that ACTUALLY does EVERYTHING that it promotes;))

Southern Ginger Glow

Winning Glow comp tan is Incredible stage color! A favorite of my competitors!


Hi Melissa, Just wanted to tell you how amazing your products are! I am getting so many amazing compliments about the color. There are a few airbrush places in the area and it is huge for me that these girls love their tans. The high schools around here are huge and to have the girls say they look the best is amazing! Keep it up Melissa! You have an amazing product.

Stay Golden Tans

I have used several lines of solution and BY FAR Perfect Glow has dominated the competition! The natural look and odorless smell is second to none! I have used the Rapid Cocktail and to say I am pleased is an understatement! Perfect Glow not only has amazing solutions, their customer service is OUT OF THIS WORLD! Blessed to be associated with such a wonderful company with great products!

Julia Wellman- Lemon Tans

I just wanted to email you and share my thoughts on your solutions! I have been researching your product for a few months before I decided to purchase your samples! I have been looking for for a solution that offered great customization but didn’t have 15 solutions for need to purchase to offer that. As well as a company that was in touch with their clients and business owners.

I have read through all your FAQs so I was prepared to use your solutions. What I find amazing is your website offers great detail about your product, how to use it and what you found be prepared for. Even with photos. This is huge, as I have found with other companies they try the tactic of secrecy to buy into their product and then give you the information you offer freely.

When I got the box I appreciated the small detail of your pink crinkle paper! I am an attention to detail kind of gal, those tan lines need to be even!

I ordered your 3 rapid sample solutions. I was able to get 7 tans out of them! Since I read your FAQs I was prepared for a thin viscosity solution and adjusted my spray gun to compensate. Because if the thin viscosity of your solution I feel like it saturates the air more heavily, but nothing an open window or turning up my extraction fan didn’t take care of!

I had read that your solution is was water based and my clients could get dressed right after. I have to be honest, I was totally skeptical! I have tried a couple of companies that claim that yet, I still make my clients blow dry afterwards because they’re still sticky/tacky. I was COMPLETELY shocked that your solution is almost completely dry seconds after being sprayed! This was one of the major selling points for me and my clients!

Let’s talk color! I have used 6 other companies including Perfect Glow. I have a cool undertones and want a brown tan not a golden hue. Most products result in a honey gold hue, which is perfect for some, but I personally wanted an actual brown tan. I was hoping to achieve this with your solutions! I’ve but tried it fully on myself, I used my samples on my clients. I did do a test and sprayed one leg with the Cocoa Rapid and a competitors Express tan on the other. With just that comparison, I’m in love. I loved how each of my clients turned out even my olive based clients that didn’t think it would work for them!

Thank you so much for a solid solution! I’m excited to start using Perfect Glow in my salon!

Ashley/ Be Bold, the Salon

It is the very best product! Perfect Glow has taken my business to the next level. Thank you for an amazing product and for your amazing customer service!

Natalie -Endless Summer Tanning

Melissa, I have to tell you that I am Blown away with Perfect Glow! I used 12% Dark Chocolate.Not only is my client DARK but it is a gorgeous brown color that I have been searching for!! This is the best spray tan solution!

I have used many of the top brands over the years and I can honestly say I never seen a more beautiful color than this. This is the best spray tan solution I have found & all my clients are loving this blend. My business has actually increased since I started your solution!! It lasts more than a week, and they love the fact that it dries basically instant and they are amazed that there is no spray tan smell. I’m hooked!


I have been spray tanning since 2000 and there was always something missing about the products I have used. Even though they were good, they weren’t perfect. They were sticky, smelly, or the bronzers were too dark. When I tried Perfect Glow I was like OMG, this is what I have always looked for in a product all in one! Sprays light and dry, no tackiness, light beautiful bronzers, & no smell which I love! And the color develops so pretty, doesn’t dry out your skin and lasts for a long time on your skin. Thank you Melissa Weinberg for developing the perfect solution for spray tanning!! So happy I found you :):):)

Fabiola Trujillo- Sobe Tan

I live in Manhattan and have been spray tanned many, many times from some of the most popular salons in the city. Perfect Glow gave me by far the BEST spray tan I have ever received. It looks so natural! The color is even, natural, and this solution does not smell!!! Every time I’m in Florida I will be going to her! I wish she could travel up to NYC! She would put other NYC salons out of business. This is by far the best spray tan myself and my bridal party ever received.


I absolutely loved the rapid tan! I have been spray tanning for years. This product has been by far my favorite one I have tried yet!

Jamie Leal-Southern Chic Boutique

I am so impressed with Melissa and her team after attending the business building workshop! Ever since adding Perfect Glow to my arsenal, business has tripled. I must confess it was Melissa and her work ethic that initially attracted me to her product. Melissa and her team are always available and helpful any time you need them. I loved the fact that Melissa is so approachable and involved every step of the way with her business. Perfect Glow was the perfect addition to my business for so many reasons.

Affordability: although her product is top notch, her prices worked well with my price point.

Packaging: I absolutely love her branding and colors. The retail line is gorgeous, great product and price point as well. Melissa provides gorgeous marketing materials free of cost.

Quality and Versatility: I have sampled many solutions and none of them come close to Perfect Glow. Quick drying, odorless, high quality bronzers and DHA with none of the bad stuff in it. Endless options for color mixing with basic and rapid and undertones which was really important to me.

Work Ethic and Accountability: Melissa leads by example and stands behind her brand and everything she does. I love supporting another woman not backed by a huge corporation with politics and agendas.

The work shop is unique to our industry for many reasons. As a veteran spray tan artist I have done enough introductory training classes. As I have grown in this industry I transitioned from a spray tan artist to a spray tan salon owner with employees. Melissa taught us about the business and marketing side of the business which I feel has been overlooked in previous classes I attended. Attendees were provided with head shots for branding which is so important. I walked away with the confidence I needed to run a business vs just being a spray tan artist. Thank you so much Melissa for all that you have done for us, your support means the world to me. I look forward to next year!

Lola - Endless Glow By Lola

I am so grateful I found Perfect Glow. I have very medium skin with pink undertones and I love both Cocoa Beach and Dark Chocolate 12 percent on me. The Cocoa Beach is a pretty, soft caramel color. The Dark Chocolate is a deep rich brown which I love too, especially living in Hawaii. The product is long lasting and fades nicely, not blotchy like most spray tan solutions.

As the owner of Maui Elegant Tan, in Hawaii, I have the challenge of tanning visitors from around the world who want a natural but darker tan. Perfect Glow offers my clients a fast drying, moisturizing solution with shades that work for every skin tone.

I have tested and used numerous spray tan solutions and have finally found a line I can use exclusively with confidence and joy. Finding one product line that can meet all my needs is a miracle! I am looking forward to order both the rapids very soon. Happy New Year and thanks for being such a great role model for our industry!- Warm Aloha, Wendy -Owner Maui Elegant Tan

Maui Elegan Tan

I’m about to order this AMAZING tanning solution to use in my tanning room. I have just tried sample solutions and LOVE,LOVE,LOVE it!! I have been a tanning professional for 17yrs and I’m constantly looking for a tanning solution that can tick these boxes: NO SMELL, CLEAN APPLICATION, NO ORANGING, QUICK DRYING, EXTENDED WEAR (10 days or more), BEAUTIFUL COLOR, SUITS ALL SKIN TYPES/SHADES WATER BASED, NO CHEMICALS, & QUALITY DHA. Finally, thanks to Melissa’s company “Perfect Glow” I have found my desired tanning solution. I can’t wait to try it on all my clients. Please come to Perth with your superior product. We need you ?


I wanted to let you know what yesterday was the first time I had the opportunity to use the solution and we are all IN LOVE with it! I had 12 clients and everyone of them comment on the color and how light it was on their skin, even immediately after being sprayed. No tacky residue and very light scent. I am extremely happy with the decision to switch my consultants to Perfect Glow tanning.

Thank you!

Starr Essential Tanning

My clients love Perfect Glow. I tried many solutions (which all seemed brassy and faded poorly) before I found Perfect Glow. I like the ingredient formulation, natural color results and it fades well, especially on my light skin types. And I like that I can choose Cocoa beach or Chocolate Tones


I recently tried your newest product brown rapid and like everything else I absolutely love it.. your solutions always have the perfect color and no awful odors! Thank you for making an amazing product


I have to tell you that out of about 10 different spray tan products I’ve tried over the years… Yours by FAR is the best ! Love how my clients are looking and lasting!

Kimmie Martinelli‎

I am OBESSED with RAPID TAN and so are all MY CAT clients!!! Thank You for creating such an amazing product! I my business for Rapid Tans has doubled since making the switch to your product. Last almost 2 weeks, fades perfectly, no smell , no tackiness! Just 100% Tanfabulous!! Your product is 100% everything

Jessica-CAT studio

I am so fair that the only pigment I have is my freckles, no joke! So will all of that said I used the Dark Chocolate 12% (yes 12%) and I have NEVER had a browner, more satisfying result with ANY other product. Hands down your products are THE best! I have been sunless tanning for YEARS and have found no better product for attaining the darkest color. And the customer service is OUTSTANDING! I ask a lot of questions. Your patience & incredible knowledge of the art of tanning is out of this world! I am extremely choosy with whom & what I give reviews about (good or bad) Not only is your product the best in te biz but your customer service matches the quality. That makes a powerhouse! @Perfectglowtanning gets more than a five star rating! Perfection! Awesome product + A+++ business end (Q&A, super easy ordering, ligtening fast shipping, +++ & a passionate pro & authentically good person behind it all) ALL around amazing business! 5 star & beyond.

Beau Arts Mobile Tanning

I am beyond obsessed with your product. I will never order solution from any other company again!!! it’s not sticky and does not leave sticky lines or creases on the customer. The color is so beautiful and brown. I can’t say how happy I am. You are about to get a lot of business from me!


Cocoa Rapid 5 stars! I love this blend not only on my clients but myself as well! The bronzer is so natural looking and the after rinse color is spectacular. It fades evenly and the color lasts forever! I highly recommend this solution.

Expert Tanning

I recently switched to perfect glow solution and it has taken my business and clientele to a whole new level. Thanks to perfect glow I was offered the privilege of spray tanning the current miss United States and miss United States pageant queens! All of my pageant queens thought for sure they would need a re spray day 3 or 4 of the pageant as they are used to using norvell, but we’re shocked when they realized their perfect glow tans were still flawless on day 5 and 6, and didn’t need touching up at all!


After a huge mailing issue with my post office, I have to say that Melissa was extremely helpful and so understanding! My package was somehow was misplaced and I was in a panic due to the fact that I have a wedding party to spray in just a few days. Melissa SAVED my day! Not only do I absolutely love this product, but their customer service is AMAZING! I highly recommend Perfect Glow products!

Brittany Penwright

Absolutely the best spray tan around! The color is so natural and complementing.
Melissa is the absolute best and so helpful with each tan. I wouldn’t go anywhere else ?

Lady Panther Heather Hansen

Gotta say….I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new sunless tanning solution we received yesterday!! WOW…. Timmy tanned me last night (after I went 2 weeks with no color….started from scratch)…and I must say I am IMPRESSED with the natural dark-blend of color that I have (after shower).

This is not a GOLDEN BROWN at all……but such a beautiful natural and soft cocoa brown!!

Island Glow Mobile Spray Tanning

I have tried soo many spray tan solutions and this has to be the best one yet. It applies beautifully and doesn’t streak. The color is super realistic. Every time I spray using this people ask if I was away on vacation. This solution dries without being feeling tacky and has minimal smell. I would say it lasts between 5-7 days before I need to spray again depending on how moisturized my skin is. Overall I love this product and will not buy anything else!


I’m new to spray tanning and I recently got certified and started my own company. I was having problems with fading and turning orange with another brand that I was using, but I haven’t had a single problem since I ordered these! Ever since I received my perfect glow solutions, that is all I want to use on my clients! And my clients love their color! I just wanted to say that I LOVE these solutions and will continue to buy more from your company!


I used Cocoa Rapid for the first time and results were amazing! My skin felt hydrated after rinsing 2.5 hours later. The color lasted about 8 days with proper aftercare and faded naturally-not patchy or scaley. The Cocoa Beach is my favorite go to line and the rapid will be a new premium! Love, Love, Love. 5 star


Oh my gosh, I absolutely LOVE this solution. It was by far the best color I have seen. It was a perfectly brown bronzed color (no orange!). The best part about it? My client (of years) looked amazing + said that this was her favorite tan yet!! I am ordering more as we speak! Thank you so much again for the sample – I can’t wait to try all of the Perfect Glow Sunless products!!

Mallory-Bare Tan and Wax OC

I have owned my own sunless studios for 7 years now and took a leap of faith to carry Perfect Glow Solutions and products and I am so glad we did! Our clients absolutely love it! We have people coming in and telling us it was the best spray tan they have gotten from us since we opened. We are all super excited to have this in our studio! Now on to higher sales and happier clients.

Barbara E

Love, Love this Solution!! My Favorites are RAPID Violet & Dark Chocolate. I wan to say this is Amazing and No Smell! I absolutely recommend this Solution – I bought a few Samples to try on my Clients and they fell in LOVE with the color Being Primarily Brown – Violet vs a Similar Product that I was Spraying with that went on Blackish-Violet. Now they have an ease of running errands after their Spray & Not being embarrassed. xo Melissa Latimer owner Soleil Tan Ga

Melissa Latimer

I have owned my own sunless studios for 7 years now and took a leap of faith to carry Perfect Glow Solutions and products and I am so glad we did! Our clients absolutely love it! We have people coming in and telling us it was the best spray tan they have gotten from us since we opened. We are all super excited to have this in our studio! Now on to higher sales and happier clients.

Barbara E

Amazing color with this rapid tan solution! I waited 4 hours to rinse and I was amazed by the color I got. I tested on an employee as well and she was amazed by how brown and beautiful her color was. One of my favorite from Perfect Glow Sunless

Melissa, Glow On the Go

Cocoa Rapid is hands down the best rapid solution I have ever used! Quick drying, pulls AMAZING color and my clients couldn’t be happier. Thank you Melissa for such genuine service and products. Entitled Beauty Co is forever a fan.

Entitled Beauty

Just wanted to thank you for sending me those samples. My sister and I were blown away by the color! It was gorgeous. I left it on for 4 hours like I usually do with the other brands because If I don’t I hardly get any color. But with yours……ohhh you get color alright ! Haha everyone keeps asking me if I just got back from vacay ( I live in NH) I could not believe how there is virtually no smell! Even the following day I usually smell like self tanner! I am very happy & can’t wait to see what your comp tan will look like.

Golden Standard Spray Tans

*****A Rapid Tan That Works*****

I have tried dozens of rapid tan solutions and they never worked well for me- they either wouldn’t get me dark enough, or would fade quickly. I finally settled with the idea that I just would never be able to use rapid tan solutions. Thinking I would probably be disappointed again, I decided to give this rapid tan thing one last shot after seeing so many great reviews on Perfect Glow’s page. I am so glad I did, it is amazing! It gives a great, natural looking, brown color that lasts- my clients and I are in love!


This is a mix of the 10% & 12%. This client is a regular of mine and does bikini competitions. She is obsessed with your solution. She loves the COLOR & how dry she is after I spray her. Oh we both are hoping you come up with a competition color too!

Southern Ginger Glow

I couldn’t have had better training. I am beyond happy, thank you! Melissa was amazing!! She’s such a great teacher that really goes through everything from the questions to ask, knowing different skin types, client prep, the different levels of tans to achieve, and amazing spray techniques! And besides ALL that she’s so welcoming and friendly and really wants you to feel comfortable and prepare you to be the best at providing your guests with a beautiful tan! Her products are amazing, love, love, natural!! Everyone I sprayed was so happy. I feel so confident now! Thank you Melissa ?

Linda Kovalick

I have been spray tanning for the past 9 years. I recently re-branded my company but the only thing that won’t change is using this solution. Melissa Weinberg has nailed every formula I’ve ordered from her. All of my clients love the color.


One of my type 2/3 clients wanted to be super dark before her trip this weekend. I have never tried Perfect Glow on her before but we discussed trying something different on her last appointment. I blended 2 shades of Perfect Glow for a custom look and here’s what she said… “Tan is amazing! I have gotten quite a few compliments & It turned out perfect”

Chroma Tanning

The ONLY solution I will use on my clients. Rapid cocktail looks amazing on literally everyone. The best color, the best fade and flawless application every time. So happy I found PG


Dark Chocolate is the PERFECT solution for my ebony tones clients. The misconception that darker skin does not tan is out the window. Clients are floored by the difference, such an even natural glow is achieved. I want everyone to use Perfect Glow but at the same time..I don’t want my competition to know about Perfect


Not only is this the BEST color , smells like nothing, non sticky amazing natural tan! But the owner herself is so amazing! I had a package that got lost in the mail, and she sent me a replacement, overnight shipped and charged me nothing.! I got my lost package in the day after she sent me the replacement. & I offered to pay for it and she told me to just keep it for the trouble! How sweet…! I will continue to support this amazing woman owned and ran business.! I’m so pleased and I promise you will be so happy with this company!


Perfect Glow Sunless has given me what I have needed to continue to grow my business! This solution is incredible! Non sticky, odorless and beautiful color every time! Past solutions left me feeling unconfident! I know now that when a client leaves with Perfect Glow Sunless they will love their results and I do not have to worry! Thank you for making a wonderful product.

Natalie Lee

I am currently in the process of starting my own spray tan business in Norcal and I purchased Melissa’s eBook right away and found it extremely informative. It has taught me so much as I go through the beginning stages of launching my business( lots of do’s and don’ts, and suggestions for marketing, from creating your logo to who to market to and how) . Both Melissa and Susan have been awesome! They are always quick to respond to my emails and phone calls. I just finished the advanced online course, and let me tell you – if you want to set yourself apart from the Sunless Tanning companies – going through Perfect Glow is the way to do it ! Understanding different skin types, and what that means with being able to use different DHA % depending on the client is HUGE. I am excited to purchase my starter kit through Perfect Glow ( including equipment )! I was so impressed with Melissa and her business sense, her knowledge surpasses all….and I have done a lot of research! I feel like I will gain so much knowledge and will be able to build my business doing it the right way ..I am going to fly myself out to Florida to work hands on with both Susan and Melissa. Definitely worth the investment ! Thank you Melissa, Susan AND Perfect Glow!!!

Andrea Arriaga Borges

I love the Perfect Glow solutions and just ordered two 30 oz bottles to compliment my places of businesses! You can’t go wrong with Perfect Glow!”

Alisa Glo On The Go

I just have to say how much I LOVE these solutions! Not only does the color look natural, but fades so evenly. A far better product than any others I have tried. I only use perfect glow solutions to ensure my clients are satisfied with their color 100% of the time.


Over the years I have tried pretty much all of the top solutions out there and even some ones from outside of the US. They were ok but after a few months of using them I just felt like something was missing. My clients liked the tans but I got the feeling like they werent thrilled . So I always found myself researching different brands and getting samples. I started using Perfect Glow Sunless as of a year ago. I primarily use the rapid tans and I have to say myself and my clients are blown away! Not only is the color great, but they are getting longer wear out of these blends compared to any other one I have ever used. My clients dont have to come every week like they used to and they are beyond happy. I also have a home studio and even my husband mentioned that he noticed that since I switched over I am getting a TON of repeat and regualr clients. More than I ever have over the past few years. I know this solution is a huge factor in the increase of my business. Melissa is also wonderful to work with. She is always there to help me with anything I need and shipping is super quick. It is so refreshing to not have to try any more solution. This product and customer service are 5 stars in my book. You owe it to your business to try Perfect Glow, Best solution on the market ?

Susan Brand- Healthy Glow

am SO happy I found these solutions. These solutions have been a game changer for me. I am busier than ever and it’s cause of these gorgeous colors. Constantly my clients are telling me that their spray tan looks so good that people do not believe that it’s a spray tan. That’s how natural and gorgeous they look. Thank you so much Melissa for making such amazing products. I am hooked, and so are my clients!

Loren Weed

After attending the workshop in Orlando I felt excited and prepared to begin my spray tanning business. These woman go above and beyond to give you all the tools and information you need to succeed, including the hands on training, and it doesn’t stop there, they are available beyond the workshops to assist you and answer questions. I feel lucky to be apart of a great group of woman!


Melissa has been a mentor and professional role model to me through personalized attention whenever I needed help. Her advice has increased my knowledge of spray tanning best practices and understanding solutions. When trouble shooting with me, I have learned that it is usually not me who makes a mistake but the client by not following my detailed pre/post instructions. Melissa is an inspiration motivating me to be my best self!

Wendy Stebbins-Maui Elegant Tan

I was first upset with a shipping error. However, after understanding from a business aspect I realized that shipping is usually where problems happen, because it is the only place we don’t have control. I emailed Melissa & she fixed the problem instantly. At first I was willing to give up trying the product, but with Melissa being so understanding & willing to make things right I put my faith right back in her product. I am so thankful I did. I absolutely LOVE what I have tried so far. I will be a repeat customer for sure! My clients are so happy with their results and the long lasting color & are coming back requesting the same thing!! Melissa made me feel as if I was important, and not just another number on a chart. She made me feel as if she was a friend that wanted what was best for me, her company & MY clients. Words can’t begin to describe how happy I am that I put my faith in this product. I am so thankful. Very blessed to have crossed paths with this growing family!

Bronzing by Boesch

I just purchased the samples for my spray tanning business a few days ago, and sprayed the 10% on myself last night.. I am IN LOVE with the color!! Will definitely be purchasing this solution from now on!! Thank you so much for answering all my questions so quickly Melissa, and for being so professional!


TY so much I am truly obsessed with the cocoa formula. I have never received so many compliments on a tan and I mean it’s constant when I spray with that particular formula. I’m forever a fan, this product is the real deal.

Jamie Avilla

Perfect Glow Sunless is the most amazing company. I have been doing a lot of research on what formula I was going to use and this one surpasses any expectations I had for an amazing tan. No harsh chemicals and packed with anti oxidants, anti imflammatories and vitamins! I have the most beautiful natural tan , looks like I have been living in Hawaii. I have been spray tanning for years and this is literally the most beautiful tan I have ever had- MUA

Jessica Hyde

These are by far my favorite solutions. They give my clients that “Just got back from vacation color” every time. No stinky developing odor, flawless application, beautiful color and NEVER orange! I am a lifetime customer, thanks for helping others look amazing

Tanfastic airbrush tanning

Melissa, my clients are loving your rapid blends! I cannot rave enough on how luxurious you feel after a Perfect Glow tan! My girls are going for dark and have said that their tans last 10+ days. Can’t get any better than that. It dries fast, yet even and a little goes a long way. Thank you for creating this line. We are fans for life and will be moving towards your luxury aftercare line in the near future.

Danni Gautier

Hi, I just wanted you to know I really LOVE this solution! Here is what I love about it. First, the fact that it feels non sticky, very light weight and dries almost to a powdery silky finish. Second, it doesn’t have an odor about it especially after wearing for a while. To me it has a nice pleasant smell. Which is especially important to me bc I suffer from Grave’s Disease which causes me to have a super sense of smell that always leaves me with a killer headache when I use most tanning solutions. That is one reason why I have only been able to use a rapid solution for the last year bc with the other 8 hr solutions I can’t them wear long enough for the tan to develop bc I can’t stand the smell. Third, for fade and longevity. I am on day 7 and still have a nice even tan with a natural looking fade. Theres only a couple spots on my feet but that is from wearing running shoes . With all the other solutions I have used in the past I never got more than 4 days then a unnatural fading would begin especially bad on my legs and feet so I would have to cover up in pants till I could scrub down and respray. So happy to know that I have finally found a solution that will allow me to wear shorts and dresses during the whole lifetime of the tan. Finally I have found my PERFECT GLOW!”


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