Will I turn Orange

Many people have unfortunately turned that dreaded orange from a professional spray tan or from another self tanning product in the past so I get where you are coming from. However the orange color is usually a result of the following:

  1. A salon using a product too strong for your skin tone
  2. The tech having a heavy hand and applying too much product on your skin.
  3. You had picked a self tanning product too strong for your skin tone ( Just because you want extra dark does not mean your skin can take it).
  4. The product has a low quality form of dha.
  5. You had a heavy hand and applied too much product to your skin causing it to over process.

My products should not turn you orange unless you pick a color too dark for you or apply with a heavy hand. My dha is of the best and purest quality.

If you have fair skin that has trouble tanning in the sun or new to self tanning I strongly recommend the following options:

  1. Start with just 1 coat of the regular tanning mousse ( You can always reapply 2 coats the next time)
  2. Use just the gradual tanner to build a more natural color over a few days
  3. Try the rapid mousse but start off with 1 coat and rinse in 1 hour ( You can always increase rinse off time in stages to “test the envelope”