Post tan instructions & how long it will take for color to develop.

You will see instant color due to a cosmetic bronzer, however the actual tan will take from 8-24 hours to fully develop.

With our regular tan Do NOT shower or get wet until at least 8 hours after being sprayed as you will risk developing extremely light. Make sure pets do not lick you.

Refrain from breast feeding (if tanning topless) 

Be careful drinking beverages (to avoid spilling on the tan) We recommend you use a straw.

Bring a towel to put on the seat of your car. So your skin is not sweating or sticking to leather seats.

With our rapid tan you will rinse off between 1-4 hours for the darkness you are looking to achieve. The tech will advise your time at your session (Do NOT leave the tan on for more than we suggest, or you can risk an unnatural color or turning orange) When you finally shower you will see color washing off. Do not be alarmed as that is just the cosmetic bronzer that is washing off and you will have a beautiful tan underneath. It will take up to 12-24 hours to see the full color.

With our rapid product you have the convenience of being able to rinse off quick, BUT it is normal on some skin tones to look like there is no color after rinsing. But do not worry! The rapid tan still takes approx 12 hours for color to develop and will continue to darken over 24 hours for full color development.

When you rinse do not use any loofas, washcloths, anything exfoliating or bar soaps containing Sodium Lauryl (Laureth) Sulfate (SLS) We have a tan safe bodywash we can discuss at your appointment.

Be careful shaving as shaving cream can break down the tan quicker.

Do not do any waxing as that will remove the tan (that should be done at least 48 hours before your spray tan session)

Avoid hot tubs (that will remove the tan) and don’t swim for long periods of time.

When getting out of the shower BLOT your skin with a towel. Pat dry and DO NOT RUB!

Moisturize at least 2x a day with our Perfect Glow Sunless luxury body lotion for best results.