More Important Tips

If you are using the rapid tanning mousse please read the full directions. Note that the tan will not be fully developed after rinsing off and still takes 8-10 hours to develop ( It may even look like you have no color after rinsing but it will continue to process)

When you first shower you will see color washing off. Don’t be alarmed as that is only the cosmetic bronzer from the application and your developed tan is not washing off.

Do not wash your hands or get them wet for at least 8 hours after application. ( Or until you rinse off with the rapid tanning product) Use rubber gloves if you have to use the sink for anything.

Wear loose fitting dark clothing after application. Avoid socks & boots until the tan fully develops (I recommend flip flops or sandals with an open toe) it washes off most fabrics but can temporally stain some clothes. Do not wear wool, silk or nylon immediately after as it can stain those materials. Avoid wearing anything red as that color can react with the tan and turn the tan green !

Avoid the rain until after you shower. Water can ruin or hinder the development of a sunless tan so make sure you have an umbrella and watch for puddles if you need to go out. Do not let pets lick your sunless tan.

Wait at least 24 hours to shave as shaving can cause fading. Try to shave only as needed & use a sharp new razor & hair conditioner instead of shaving cream.

Do not do any spa treatments for a few days after your tan (pedicures, waxing, massages) as these treatments can fade or remove the tan.

Avoid any waxing, baby oil, mineral oil or massage oil

Using any anti aging or acne products will cause the tan to fade.

How To Remove Self Tanner

We recommend using our Exfoliating mitt for best results

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