IMPORTANT Tips for testing our solution


Perfect Glow Sunless is a water based blend and is thinner than most other solutions as it does not have any thickening agents (which is also great since it won’t clog your gun)

It is highly recommended that you close your gun up a little bit before spraying!

If you experience any beading or dipping while spraying the client or it seems extra wet then you need to further adjust your gun setting so the solution flow is reduced. I can not stress this enough! This solution should spray as a fine mist.

With the regular developing solution have the customer rinse off in 8-10 hours. DO NOT HAVE THE CLIENT LEAVE THE SOLUTION ON FOR 24 HOURS BEFORE RINSING OFF. Some manufacturers train this way & recommend this with their solution. It is NOT necessary or recommended with Perfect Glow. Our product is stronger and doing so can product unnatural results.

You can spray 1 coat or 2 light coats ( depending on how you were trained) but they key is to NOT exceed approx 2 ounces of solutions. If you wind up using 4 oz for example that is way too much solution.

When a new salon reports that they got unnatural color the first time they tried Perfect Glow Sunless it was because they did not follow our recommendations did not adjust their gun settings. The technician over saturated the skin because the gun flow was way too strong! When they tested it out again with our recommendations the color was perfect!!


Even if you have used a rapid tanning product before please review our specific recommendations. OUR RAPIDS ARE STRONGER THAN OTHERS and do not have to be left on as long. Every manufacturer’s rapid tan has different formulations & different dha strengths so the processing time will vary. It is important that you try the product first according to our instructions to get the best results.*

The recommended time frame to rinse off is as follows:

1 hour- light (6%)
2 hours- medium (8%)
3 hours- medium/dark (10%)
4 hours- dark (12%)

This blend is not recommended to be left on for over 4 hours. As mentioned above do NOT leave it on 5-6 hours because that is what you are used to with another companies product! You can risk turning unnatural if you do so.

If you have a fair client or are not sure how long to have them leave it on it is recommended that you start at 1 hour and gradually increase at their next session.

It is very important that you advise the client that just like with the regular solution, with the rapid tan they are not to get wet or sweat until they rinse as that can adversely affect the tan development.

When they rinse it is to be with water only no soap. They are not to use any oils, perfume or lotion until the next day as the tan will continue to develop over the next 24 hours.

Please note that you should always advise your client that when they rinse off they might not have much initial color. That is normal as the color will still take 8-10 hours to develop. They are just getting the convenience of rinsing off quick

Please contact us with any questions that you may have & Happy tanning!