How Much Product Should I Use

When it comes to self-tanning remember the golden rule of less is more! You can always go back and reapply more if you are not dark enough after the first application. That is a much better result than over applying and turning an unnatural shade!

If you are extremely fair and cannot tan in the sun start off by applying just 1 coat of the mousse . If you are using the gradual tanning lotion start off applying it only once per day (before you go to sleep as you can not sweat or get wet )

Skin tones that are darker and that can tan nicely in the sun can apply 2 coats of the self-tanning mousse or if using the gradual tanner, can apply up to 2x a day. *Remember to err on the side of caution and start easy as you can always increase* Many times when a person looks orange it is the result of not the product but due to a heavy hand applying too much product * If you use the mousse and would like darker results after the first shower you can reapply an additional coat the next day.