How Long Until My Tan Develops

You will see instant color due to a cosmetic bronzer, however the actual tan will take from 8-12 hours to fully develop. With the regular self tanning mousse Do NOT shower or get wet until that time as you will risk washing off the self-tanner. With the rapid mousse you will rinse off between 1-4 hours for the darkness you are looking to achieve. (Do NOT leave the rapid mousse on for more than 4 hours or you can risk an unnatural color) When you finally shower you will see color washing off. Do not be alarmed as that is just the cosmetic bronzer that is washing off and you will have a beautiful tan underneath.

When you rinse do not use any loofas, washcloths, anything exfoliating or bar soaps containing Sodium Lauryl (Laureth) Sulfate (SLS) .When getting out of the shower BLOT your skin with a towel. Pat dry and DO NOT RUB!