How do I use the rapid tan – Are there Instructions?

We also list instructions on each product on the pro store. Even if you have used a rapid tanning product before please take a look at our specific recommendations. Every manufacturer’s rapid tan is formulated different with different dha strengths so the processing time will vary.  It is important that you try the product first according to our instructions to get the best results.

The recommended time frame to leave on before rinsing is as follows:

1 hour- Light (6%)

2 hours- Medium (8%)

3 hours-Medium dark (10%)

4 hours Dark (12%)

The rapid tan is not recommended to be left on for more that 4 hours. ( Only in cases where the client was resistant the first time)

If you have a fair skinned client or are not sure how long they should leave it on for, it is recommended that you start at 1 hour and gradually increase the time as the next session.

Important tips:

You must advise the client that just like with the regular solution they can not sweat or get wet until the rinse off as that can affect the tan development.

They must do a water rinse only. No soaps or body wash.

Do not apply any oils, lotions, perfumes to the skin after the first rinse. That is because the tan will still continue to develop over the next 12 hours. They can use lotion the next day.

*Always advise the client that with the rapid product it is normal to not see much color or any at all after the initial rinse! This is normal as the tan is still developing and not to panic. They will see color as time progresses. They are just getting the convenience of being able to rinse off in a quicker amount of time but the tan will still take the normal time to develop.

*Full color with a rapid tan will not be seen on the skin immediately after the initial rinse. In fact the client might not see any color or it can be very faint.  It is crucial that you advise then that the full color will continue to develop over the next 12 hours with final color darkness at 24 hours after spray.

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