How Do I use The Rapid Mousse?

This product is not meant to be left on for more than 4 hours ( and that is for dark skin tones)

Use 2 coats on the body ( But only one on the hands and feet) For best coverage it is recommended that you apply it with the applicator mitt.

If you are very pale and normally can not achieve a tan in the sun it is HIGHLY recommended that you start conservative and the first time rinse off in 1 hour ( you can always go longer next time) to avoid any orange/unnatural color.

When you rinse off it should be with water only ( no soaps or body washes & refrain from using a loofah or washcloth)

Do not use any perfumes or lotions until the next day.

Rinse off times are as follows:

1 Hour- light

2 hours-medium

3 hours- medium dark

4 hours- dark

Again- if you leave this product on for more than 4 hours or sleep in it you can turn orange or unnatural with fairer skin tones!

**PLEASE NOTE**- With the rapid product you will not see full color immediately after rinsing off as it still takes 8-10 hours for the color to fully process. If you rinse off and it looks like you do not have any color do not panic. The tan will start to develop as time goes on. Color will continue to process over a 24 hour period so it is common in some cases to look a little darker on day 2.

Moisturize 2x a day (starting the next day) with our Luxury Body Lotion to prolong and hydrate the tan.