How do I use the prep spray and is it the same as another company PH spray?

Perfect Glow Sunless solution is already PH balanced. Our prep spray is NOT a PH balancer but is a skin cleanser. It was formulated to prime & clean the skin for the sunless tanning application. This is a must have to use on your clientele. Even if clients shower there can still be an invisible film on the skin from soap, shampoo and bath products, These things can create a barrier preventing the sunless tan from developing in certain areas. Using a prep spray on your client before the spray tan application can help ensure that the skin is clean as possible and help prevent developmental issues from the skin not being as clean as possible.

How to use? Apply via spray liberally to help clean and prep the skin. Wipe off immediately with a cloth or paper towel prior to the sunless tanning application. FDA recommends the use of protective nose filters, protective eye wear, lip balm and protective undergarments.