Do I Need To Moisturize?

Moisturizing is a crucial part post tan. If you do not use a quality moisturizer that is alcohol and sls free your tan can fade in patches and start to look blotchy.

With the regular self tanner do not moisturize until AFTER you take your first shower. With the rapid tan wait until the next day. After that in order to get best results and longevity you must moisturize at least 2x per day. The DHA in the tanning lotion reacts to the outer layers of the skin. The more you moisturize will delay natural exfoliation which will prolong your tan. If you don’t, your skin will get dry and your tan will fade quickly & fade poorly.

Drugstore moisturizers are not good for sunless tanning. For optimal results we reccomend our GlowCare luxury body lotion

I created these products specifically for sunless tanning and are used & recommended to by salons all over the country to their clients. They will hydrate your skin to the max and extend your tan because they are free of drying alcohols or SLS which can strip and fade a tan. You should be using the proper maintenance products to get your money’s worth and longevity out of the application.