Allergic Reactions

The spray tan solution is a cosmetic and as such reactions can occur. If your client contacts you with any reaction from the spray tan application have them contact a medical professional or 911. Perfect Glow Sunless can not administer any medical advice. The sunless products do have food based ingredients & it is the spray tan artists responsibility to know what is in the solution that they use. Always ask your client if they have any allergies at all as well as specifically asking them if they have food allergies. We list full ingredients of all our products on the back of each product label. It is the spray tan artists responsibility to check the ingredients and make sure they do not contain any allergens the client might have. If you do not have access to the label you can view ingredients for each product on the pro store under the “Ingredient tab”

You can always do a complimentary patch test to see how they will react to the product.