How To Prep For A Spray Tan Session

pretan1This is the number one question I get from clients when they book their first airbrush tanning session. There are many factors that go into that perfect spray ( using the best quality spray tan solution such as Perfect Glow Sunless and an experienced salon) but prepping the skin properly will help ensure that your client gets a flawless tan and that it will last. Preparing for the session is extremely important and should never be overlooked. I know when I went into a salon for my first spray tan I was not provided with any instructions ( for either before or after my session) and had to do my own research on the internet. Knowledge is power! The more quality information you can provide to a client the happier they will be with your services and eliminate the chance of any post tan issues.

When your client books their appointment take the time to educate them on how to prep. The last thing you want is a new client walking in without the proper clothes ( Hello skinny jeans & tight yoga pants) I personally have the instructions sent to them through my online booking system, since most of my appointments are booked that way rather then on the phone. If you do not book online then you can direct them to a section on your website, or even email or text it to them. This is something that you should not overlook. Most of the time when a spray tan develops with issues it is because of poor preparation.

That being said here is some information that you should advise your client.

1) It is imperative that they exfoliate the day before or even for a few days leading up to the spray Tan. I recommend that they use exfoliating gloves rather than a washcloth or loofah ( those do not do a great job) and they can buy them cheap at the dollar store, drugstore or supermarket. Have them refrain from a scrub that contains oils unless it is more than a day before the appointment. Oils can leave a film on the skin that can create a barrier and possibly block the spray tan absorption in areas where it remains.That will result in a streaky or patchy tan.  Exfoliation is important so the skin can be a clean even canvas. I always compare it to painting an object. If you are going to paint a piece of wood you always sand it to remove any rough/uneven areas so that the paint will look nice and even. So with spray tanning, if the solution is applied on uneven skin, the older dead skin cells will come off first causing the tan to look blotchy and fade poorly.

2) The client should NOT have on any existing self tanner or remnants from an old spray tan on. This is a huge no no and I see it all too often. I compare this to going for a manicure and they just put new nail polish over an existing chipped manicure. It might look good the first day or from afar, but when you get close up it looks horrible and messy. Im sure if a nail tech did that we would all be livid! Well a spray tan is no exception and is actually worse since its the whole body. Also,when you mix different grades of dha and 2 different products you can not guarantee the color it will turn.

3) The client should do any waxing or shaving at least 24 hours before. Usually when a client complains about streaky legs I ask them when they shaved. 99% of the time it was right before their appointment which was the culprit.  And remember.. no oils, lotions, perfumes or deodorant the day of the tan as they can act as a skin barrier . This can cause streaking, green areas or prevent the color from being absorbed.

4) Ask the client if they are getting sprayed for a special occasion. this is very important!  Most clients and especially brides do not realize that they need to get their manicure and pedicure before the session! I have had so many clients thank me for mentioning this to them so they were able to rearrange their appointments. Also many brides have massages or water activities scheduled for a day or 2 after the tan as part of the pre wedding festivities. I make sure they know that is very harmful for their tan and advise not to participate.

5) Many people think that they should shower to get clean right before the appointment. I highly recommend they do not because when they shower, the steam will open the pores and as a result the skin gets very hydrated. This can adversely effect the tan because then their skin might not absorb all of the solution. This can result in a lighter tan than normal and can cause beading on the skin. When I get a client that is beading with on the chest while I am spraying them they usually tell me that they showered right before their session. It is ok for them to shower in the morning if they have an evening appointment but otherwise tell them not to do it. If the client insists that they must rinse that day, I recommend at least 4 hours before and doing just a light rinse without any soap or body wash (except on the armpits & private areas).

These spray tan tips can assist in your client getting the best spray tan. Remember a happy client is a repeat customer. It is worth the extra effort to make sure that they are educated and properly prepped.

Thanks for reading my blog and happy tanning 🙂 ….Melissa

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