Importance of Spray Tan Consultations


Doing a spray tan consultation is a KEY tool for you to understand your client’s needs, wants, and how to give it to them.  Taking an extra 5 mins at the beginning of the appointment to ask a few vital questions will save you a lot of time and hassle down the road. A consultation can also help avoid things that can affect the tan. After all, time is money. Don’t we all want to work less and make more??

Having this conversation before your client is undressed and hitting the spray tan position will help avoid any awkwardness as well as make your life a lot smoother.

  • What is the occasion your client spray tanning for?

I always like to take into consideration for example what my client will be wearing if they’re spraying for a specific event and not everyday life.  I do this mainly because of TAN LINES! As a spray tan artist, it is your job to know what skin will be showing so you can appropriately spray your client.

Also, if it is for an event what color are they planning to wear? There are certain colors like, neon and white that can make a spray tan appear darker than it truly is.  This needs to be taken in to consideration when deciding which solution to use.  (If your client is spraying for an event where professional photography is happening, like a wedding or photoshoot, it’s also a great time for you to snag that photographers details for follow up pictures! Most professional photographers have social media and will be posting those gorgeous shots for you to share!)

  • What is their ideal tan?

Sounds cliché, but clients should be involved in discussing what shade their optimal tan shade is, BUT not picking their solution! (That’s for the pro to determine based on your education and product knowledge).

A client’s definition of a dark tan may be completely different from what your personal definition is of a dark tan so it is important to make sure you’re on the same page. Many times the client will pull up a picture on their phone to show you what their desired tan is.  As their educated sunless professional you’re in charge of knowing what skin type each client is and what they can realistically achieve. (I can’t stress that how important skin typing is for new artists starting out).

Also, remember that sometimes what they envision might not be the best for their skin tone or honestly even possible to give them what they asked for. So open communication is a key factor between client and spray tan artist.

  • Have they properly prepped for their tan, or even prepped at all?

I ask this question A LOT.  Especially, to my new clients and seasonal tanners. You should always provide prep tips on your website or in your booking system conformation so they know exactly what to do.  Why is it important for you to know if skin prep was not followed? Because if it wasn’t, you can warn them on possible issues to expect. Also, just because someone is a regular does not mean they get a free pass on prep. I have experienced many regulars become lazy as well. Take this time to educate those clients that need some guidance.

  • Part of being a sunless professional is educating your client on how to wear their spray tan and provide them with post tan instructions.

Your client isn’t going to love their spray tan if her skin is scaly or patchy on day two due to poor prep OR  by not knowing what products to avoid.  But a client that is still happy on day 5 of their spray tan is ultimately what we all want.

From my previous questions I’m then able to recommend products that will benefit them to help extend the quality of their spray tan based on their needs. Two of of my favorites are the Perfect Glow Sunless luxury body lotion & Daily Body Wash. They are both extremely hydrating and makes a huge difference in longevity.


If you are busy back to back with tans and lack the time to consult with them on post tan care then you should train a receptionist or other employee to take over with product recommendations, but it should never be neglected.

Bottom line is that we should all want our customers educated and happy by the time they leave your salon door. By taking the time to do the consultation in return, I know my next interaction with them will be with a referral or positive review. It may seem inconvenient to add 5-7 minutes onto your appointment times for personal consultations, but I promise you’ll save time doing this in the long run!



Jayme Cecil is a Spray Tan Educator for Perfect Glow Sunless & The Perfect Glow Spray Tan Academy. She also owns her successful Sunless Tanning business: Glow To Go 502 based out of Louisville Kentucky.