How To Remove A Fake Tan


How to remove a fake tan is one of the most common questions I get asked.  There are a few different methods floating out there but I am going to discuss the best ways I have found to remove it from your whole body.

It is very  important throughout the life of the tan to moisturize properly as this will help extend the tan and also help it fade as even as possible. I recommend clients use my luxury body lotion at least twice a day with their spray tan after it has developed.  Loaded with hydration & skin nourishing ingredients such as Coconut and Almond oil. This lotion was formulated to specifically to work with sunless tanning and it will not dry out your skin. 


There will always be that sad time at the end of the tan where you just have to exfoliate and prep the skin to get it ready for another application, Or maybe you used a cheap brand of self tanner and got less than stellar results. But either way here are some great tips to help get your skin back to pale :

Method 1- Hot Tub

A hot tub is the quickest and best way to remove a spray tan or self tanner. That is why I always tell my spray tanning clients to refrain from hot tubs in general or when on vacation. But many of you (like myself)  do not have access to one. So my next method is one that I personally have used over the years and find it to be most effective

Method 2- Bathtub removal.

For this one you are going to need a few inexpensive things. You can pick them up at the supermarket or drugstore very easily.

Item 1- Baby Oil ( any cheap brand will work) baby oil


Item 2- Epsom Salts epsom salt


Item 3- Exfoliating gloves or mitt ( wash cloths or loofas are not as effective) gloves


Item 4- A glass of wine (totally optional but recommended) 



  • The first thing to do is to apply baby oil all over your body ( or just the areas where you have fake tanner)
  • Cover up with old clothes to protect the furniture and leave the baby oil on for at least a 1/2 hour or longer.
  • Run a hot bath and put 2 cups of Epsom salt in the tub and swirl around so it gets dissolved.
  • Get into the bath and soak for as long as you can. A great thing about Epsom salt is that it is also beneficial to sooth tired or sore muscles, reduce inflammation and helping your body to rid toxins.
  • After soaking for a while start to scrub your body with the exfoliating gloves. You can use a body scrub with the gloves (Or even make your own using a cheap clarifying shampoo and baking soda) You will start to see the self tan come off. Scrub as long as you can without irritating your skin. Afterwards I stand up and take a quick shower to exfoliate some more and to help in removing the oil.
  • Use the towel and exfoliate with that once you get out of the tub. The friction will help remove more of it.

Note: **You do not want to do this the same day that you are going to spray tan or apply self tanner as the oils can create a barrier on the skin & prevent the self tan from developing properly**

Depending on how much self tan you have on you might need to do this process again a few hours later or the next day.

If you do not need to remove the entire tan and just need to fix some bad spots like the fingers or palms of the hands here is my best recommended method

  • Take a dish sponge ( scrubber side) and apply some dawn dish washing detergent. Scrub the area and it should come off.

You should NEVER instruct your clients to use chemicals on their skin such as Windex.  I have read posts where people recommend that but it can cause chemical burns and you open yourself up to liability. So be cautious!

Melissa Weinberg is the creator of Perfect Glow Sunless which is a premium luxury line of professional spray tan solution and self tanning products. Her products are used by professional salons and spas all over the world. She is also a South Florida spray tan expert and offers spray tan training.