Perfect Glow Sunless Spray Tan Academy adds more Dates!

Who says that learning can’t be fun?  We’ve been having a great time at our Perfect Glow Spray Tan Academy training classes! Join is in 2019 in Vegas, New Orleans, St Louis, Dallas and more. (See full list here We also host private 1 on 1 classes in Florida, Louisiana, Kentucky &Maryland Getting to meet many people from all over the country and helping them start their spray tan business is one part of this job that I love so much.  I know that the relationships we formed will continue to thrive for a long time to come! Perfect Glow Spray Tan Academy: New Orleans

What makes our Academy different? Well, for starters, we provide attendees with specialized attention. I believe in having a great student-to-instructor ratio for my sessions. This ensures everyone gets the attention that they deserve. This is why I’m joined by my trainers whenever I do classes on the road.  Together, we provided these lovely ladies with their spray tanning certifications.

Teaching the tricks of the trade to students in Louisiana. They did fantastic!

NOLA attendee Deana Byers said that she loved the Perfect Glow Spray Tan Academy course. Deana added, “Melissa and her trainers made sure we were fully informed on all aspects of the business.  The hands-on training was more than I expected.” Deana said she’d recommend Perfect Glow Spray Tan Academy to any sunless technician. “Thank you, Perfect Glow Sunless for the great training!” she added.

Perfect Glow Spray Tan Academy: DallasIn Dallas, this group featured students of various skill levels.  Some attendees were beginners while others had existing spray tan/beauty businesses.  Everyone was thrilled with the training.  I also provided the experienced spray tanners with some basic contour skills & an extra special technique. They’ll wow their tanners with these Perfect Glow techniques!

 Susan with Joseph from Greensboro NC

Why Choose Perfect Glow Sunless Spray Tan Certification?For starters, my trainers and I are actually spray tan techs. Who better to train you than someone who does this on a daily basis?  We understand what occurs on all ends of the business. This makes my team qualified to discuss real situations from our personal experiences. Who Can Benefit from a Perfect Glow Sunless Certification?Anyone and everyone who wants to earn a living offering sunless tanning services. Our program is for those who are new to sunless tanning as well veteran sunless tanning pros. It also helps anyone looking to add spray tanning to their service menu. We’ve had a mix of students at all our spray tan classes and everyone has benefited from these sessions in some way. Facebook Groups Are Not Spray Tan Training!Are you on 20 different Facebook groups? They are wonderful support tools, but it’s no substitute for proper spray tan training! If Facebook is all you’ve done, it’s time to consider some formal training. Don’t get left behind just trying to wing it. Time is money, and trying to learn your trade on Facebook forums won’t fatten up your bank account! Try the Perfect Glow Spray Tan AcademyHave you been thinking about taking a spray tan training class? Or are you looking to start a spray tan business? Here are more reasons why Perfect Glow Spray Tan Academy is an excellent investment in your success.


Melissa Weinberg is the creator of Perfect Glow Sunless & Melissa Weinberg Tanning & Beauty. A premium luxury line of professional spray tan solution and self-tanning products. Her products are used by countless professional salons and spas and spray tanners. She is also a South Florida spray tan expert and offers online and in person spray tan training via the Perfect Glow Spray Tan Academy.  For more course information visit