Having confidence in your spray tan biz



Here is my latest YouTube video. In this video I talk about showing confidence and setting the tone for your clients.

You should always be confident in your abilities as a spray tan artist. Hopefully you have invested in training to help get you succeed. One thing I see industry wide is many people emailing or texting the client the next day asking for validation that they did a good job. I hear of it when I train spray tan artists & see screen shots of it on social media.

Let me clarify that I do not think that there is anything wrong with emailing or texting the client to thank them for their business or to leave a review. However,  you should be refraining from questions such as ” How did you like your tan” or “Hope you liked your tan”  as questions like that come across as insecure.

Now if you are feeling insecure or have been getting complaints that makes you want to do that we would love to help you!But as a trained professional you should have confidence! After all your customer is PAYING you for your service and you do not want them to doubt that they chose you for their spray tan by appearing insecure.

In this video I also discuss about ‘setting the tone” with the client. What that means in essence is to know all about the products you are using. If you are testing out a new solution then take the time to read up on it or call the company to get a full understanding before you test it out on someone.

Know how the bronzers work, how they look and feel on the skin. Know how to explain how a violet based solution works for example or how many hours to rinse of for a rapid tan. Every manufacturer has different guidelines and you should educate yourself on the product line before hand so you can answer questions.

Also, always set the tone during the session during the spray!  Give the client confidence in your abilities and products as you are spraying them. Use the time that they are in your tent or booth wisely and say things to them that will make them excited to see their tan! As you are spraying them mention that that the blend you chose for them is “Going to look gorgeous on them” or that the “color is applying beautifully ”

Remember confidence is a crucial part for success. And never let them see you sweat. Enjoy the video for many of my tips on the subject.


Melissa Weinberg is the creator of Perfect Glow Sunless, A premium luxury line of professional spray tan solution and self-tanning products. Her products are used by countless professional salons and spas and spray tanners. She is also a South Florida spray tan expert and offers online and in person spray tan training via the Perfect Glow Spray Tan Academy.  For more course information visit http://learntoairbrushtan.com.